Google Forms as a source


I hope you're fine :o)

I'm wondering if Aperture could take Google Forms as an input source, in order words if it can consume Google forms

Thank you in advance.

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  • Danny RodenDanny Roden Administrator

    Hi @Slimani,

    Thanks for your post, intersting question. I'd be curious to understand more about what you're trying to do. I've had a little think about it and I'v got a couple of options which may help:

    1. Load the results of a specific form (after it's closed/all users have completed it). Aperture Data Studio can load in Excel spreadsheets, so if you can get the forms data into a spreadsheet then this would be the easiest option. This article shows how you can point Google Forms data to a spreadsheet
    2. Alternatively if you want a refreshable connection to the latest forms data, then my iniital thought on this topic is to link the results of a form to a Google BigQuery (see here for instructions) and then you could setup a BigQuery connection in Data Studio.

    @Henry Simms can you think of any other routes?


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