How to setup Google Big Query as an external system for pushing data into BigQuery table

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Did anybody try using the Google Big Query 6.0 JDBC and know how to configure the credential details for Aperture data studio to connect to the bigquery table?



  • Ivan NgIvan Ng Administrator
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    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out. Data Studio's Google Big Query 6.0 JDBC driver does not support Google user account (OAuthType = 1) authentication. To connect you will require both the Access Token as well as the Refresh Token. You can retrieve this via OAuth 2.0 Playground. For more instructions on generating the Access Token and Refresh Token, please refer here.

    The setup steps are as below:

    1. Click on Add new external systems, set the Name and Description (optional). Select JDBC for Type and Google Big Query 6.0 for DBMS.
    2. For Project, enter the Project ID (highlighted in Red below). For Dataset, enter the Dataset name
    1. Next, click on Show advanced settings.
    2. Click on the '+' button at the User connection properties, to a new row.
    3. At the Key column enter AccessToken. At the Value column enter the your actual Access Token.
    4. Click on the '+' button again and repeat for RefreshToken.
    1. Click on Test connection to test the connection string. It should work if you've entered the details correctly.
    2. Once successful, click on Finish and add credentials and proceeed to setup the credentails and permissions for Data Studio users.

    Hope this helps. Do let me know if you're able to set this up successfuly or if you have further questions. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Ivan Ng

  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for your insightful information. But I can not get pass the OAuth 2.0 Playground. step 3 "Configure request to API". As the environment of our Aperture data Studio is isolated internally inside an AWS VPC, so can not get the request URI working in the Google developer console.

    So need to make the aws vpc allow to connect to google first.


  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Experian Super Contributor

    Update on this: The Google BigQuery connector in Data Studio now supports authentication using:

    • OAuth 2.0 (as described above)
    • Service account (using a service account email and private key)

    Both auth types are described in the Google BigQuery driver user documentation.

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