Consumer users accessing/updating issues

Hi - Does anyone have any knowledge of consumer users accessing issues? I've set up the consumer users as having access but users are getting a message that they can't access. See attached


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Steven

    Permissions look good, user might need to log back in for them to take effect. As long as the User has access to the Space where the issues are listed they should be able to access them

    Let me know if you still run into the problem and which version you are using.

  • SpeedyStevenSpeedySteven Super Learner

    Hi Josh - The user is part of a group who have write access to the space. We're on


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
    edited December 2022

    Hi Steven

    The consumer user should be able to access the issues, but when trying to update I was able to get an error message.

    edit/update - The Group that the user is part of should have Write (not read) access to the Space:

    We will improve the docs and error message to make this clearer.

  • RachaelRachael Super Learner


    Steven and I have done a bit more investigating on this one today, and it looks to be related to permissions for consumers on dashboards. We've found that colleagues who have consumer access can see the issue lists, but when they click on a link for a dashboard they are still unable to access.

    Is there something really simple that we're missing?



  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator


    If a user has a Role with permission to View and Update Issues then they will be able to see issue lists and issues

    But they still need access to the Space containing the issue lists and to update issues they need to be a Writer in the space (see my previous message).

    If it still is not working or you are seeing something different then let me know

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