How to delete Duplicate external systems and tag dataset with the actual one

How to delete Duplicate external systems in a space and then tag datasets that belongs to that external system to the unique external system name.'

ex. I have database abc in my space I see another external systems with same cred is there as abc1 (might be created or cloned when copied one space to other or one env to other) . Now I see many of my datasets are under abc1 which actually should be under abc. How to change them back to abc now?

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  • MahulimaMahulima Contributor

    @Josh Boxer In this way then it requires lot of re work in many places, 1st to the DS and then to all the related objects. I hope we get some features/options in future to handle this situation. Wishlist items :)

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Important when moving (metadata) objects between installations to ensure it is done correctly. There are reasons to want to duplicate rather than update objects, but taking a moment to ensure the correct operation is done will save work in future

  • MahulimaMahulima Contributor

    @Josh Boxer Ideally while moving objects from one to other should not the tool suggest that the system already exists do you want to relace or create a new one? in that way users will be aware of this and it will refrain to make mistakes?

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