Tips and Tricks to make Find Duplicates Blocking Keys and Ruleset more readable

Sueann See
Sueann See Experian Super Contributor
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What is your first impression of the blocking keys and ruleset definitions required for Find Duplicates?

We have observed that it may take a bit of learning to understand the syntax and structure to correctly update the keys and rules.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ease your experience with reading and updating the keys and rules:

  • Click and drag the corner of the text box to expand ruleset and blocking keys at the Find Duplicates Settings.

  • Use a JSON editor for editing blocking keys.
    • Example: Note: This is not produced or endorsed by Experian. It is a publicly available tool that you may find useful.
    • Paste your blocking keys on the left, populate it to the right where you can change the structure to a Tree structure. Edit on the right where it is more readable, and populate it back to the left to save your changes. You can also validate your syntax (click on the tick sign). When you are happy with it, copy and paste the edited blocking keys back to Data Studio Find Duplicates settings.

  • Use the Notepad ++ plugin for editing rulesets. If you're using Notepad++ as your text editor, this will help you highlight keywords within the Find Duplicates rules and provide auto completion suggestions.

We do have a long term vision to make blocking keys and rules creation more user-friendly. We welcome any ideas from you.


  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Can comments be added to make the rules and keys more readable for other users?

  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor
    edited January 2022

    @Josh Boxer For rules, comments can be inserted as follows:

    Single line comments

    // Handling of Changes in Last Name 

    Multi-line comments

    * Address Type - BUILDING ADDRESS

    For blocking keys, comments can only be specified at the end of the Blocking keys specification. For example:

      "description": "ExactMatch",
      "countryCode": "GBR",
      "elementSpecifications": [
        "elementType": "GENERIC_STRING"
    //insert comments here