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Can I write IF (Some Condition)THEN (Valid) Else (Invalid) Logic in Aperture? So That in the Output Result set I can view both Valid and Invalid Result set

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  • Josh Boxer
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    Hi Mahulima

    If I am understanding correctly then you want to use Transform to add a new column to your data. This new column will use a custom function that ends with the default function 'If then else'

    I say "ends with" as it helps to work backwards when building this logic.

    • Whatever you want to be returned when Valid you put in the <Condition met result> field, so either True or 1 or the <input value>, etc.
    • Whatever you want to be returned when Invalid you put in the <Else> field
    • The Condition field is expecting a True/False value, so you would feed into it another function, which is checking the condition such as Contains/Equals/Greater than etc.
    • (Note that you can click the green + to add additional conditional checks to return a different value when that condition is true)

    Assuming you return True/False or 1/0 into this new column, you can now use the Workflow step Split to filter the two sets of Passing and Failing rows

    Hope that helps

  • Mahulima
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    Thank you so much Josh. Really appreciate your help