Importing DataSets - Filtering Data


I was wondering if there is currently anyway of limiting/filtering out data from an underlying table before importing it as a dataset? I have a number of transactional tables that I want to bring in to Aperture, however it would be great if I could limit the date range of the transactions before importing the table itself is upwards of 6 billion rows.

If there is no way of currently doing this, is it something that can be considered for a future release?




  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    HI Rachael

    It isn't possible right now but we do have plans to introduce something like this in the future, what kinds of database are you connecting to and what kind of data volumes are you looking at ?


  • RachaelRachael Learner

    Hi Clinton,

    Thanks - that's great news this is something which is being looked in to. The underlying tables have approximately 15-20 million records and it's connecting to a SQL database


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