Enabling LDAP

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In case you haven't noticed, LDAP has been introduced since Aperture Data Studio v2.0.11.

Go to Settings>Security to set up the LDAP properties.

Once this is set up, you can test the connection to the ldap server. A message will be shown to indicate whether the connection is successful or has failed.

Once the connection has been set up, you can then set up a user to use LDAP authentication.

Go to System>Users. When adding a new user or editing an existing user, you should be able to select LDAP and MS Active Directory server as an authentication mechanism and enter the LDAP ID.


  • Sueann SeeSueann See Experian Super Contributor

    Additional Notes:

    • this does not affect connections using REST API/API token.
    • account locking settings (maximum login attempts, account lockout time period) does not apply for users using LDAP.
  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Experian Super Contributor

    Here's a useful commandline command for finding LDAP servers available on your domain:

    nslookup -type=srv _ldap._tcp.%USERDNSDOMAIN%

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Note that LDAPS has been deprecated and LDAP should be used, it will automatically negotiate a secure connection over port 389

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