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At Experian, we’re extremely proud of our data quality solutions, and we've set up this community as a place where you can connect with both technical and non-technical users to solve problems, gain insights and share ideas, tips and tricks. 

Community Rules: 

We welcome you and your views in our community. To ensure the community remains a positive, safe and vibrant place to discuss Aperture products and all things data quality, please take a moment to read through our community guidelines and the community Terms of Service.

Get Started:  

  • Register or sign in to post or comment. Certain functionality and categories are only enabled once you have logged in.
  • Customise your profile by adding a photo and setting your notification preferences.   
  • Use the search to find posts quickly.
  • Browse content by category which can be found in the header, or tags that can be found in the right-hand menu.
  • Earn your first badge: upload a photo, start a discussion, ask a burning question, or leave a comment.  
  • Bookmark interesting posts by clicking on the bookmark icon next to each post title, and retrieve your bookmarks by clicking on your avatar and navigating down and clicking on Bookmarks.
  • Follow categories by clicking on the Follow icon in the side-bar. This subscribes you to getting email notifications and notifications in the community about that topic.
  • Tag your discussion or question with one or more keywords to make it easy to find.
  • Be generous. If someone has given you a good answer, indicate that it answered your question. If someone posts a great discussion or a comment, like it. 
  • Help keep the community clean by flagging a post that doesn't meet our community guidelines or community Terms of Service

Help make the community better: 

Have thoughts on how we could improve the community? We'd love to hear from you! Simply send a direct message to me using the inbox in the top right of the screen (visible when logged in).

Enjoy being a part of our community, we are glad you are here!

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