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Nigel LightNigel Light Contributor
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When there are more that 1 outputs from a subroutine is it possible to distinguish them in the calling program?

Also, is it possible to retain the zoom level rather than it being reset to the default all the time?



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  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite
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    @Nigel Light I am glad you worked out your own answer! On the question of the zoom level, are you referring to the workflow canvas ?


  • Hi,

    Answered my own question! Edit the name of the output in the passing subroutine - and the name is reflected in the calling routine :-)

    Nice one!


  • @Clinton Jones yes - eg I zoomed in, then was looking at the result of a Validate, repeated this to look at the summary and the job was returned to the original size and the placement was reset. Quite frustrating (it also happens with looking at transform steps)

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    ok, that is what I guessed, we shall see what development says about being able to persist the state of the viewed workflow.

    It it in a published state?

  • Thanks @Clinton - that would be great (most inconvenient in a large workflow to have to keep resetting) It is in draft (still being worked on)

  • Pavan RaoPavan Rao Experian Contributor
    Hi Nige, I had raised around zoom earlier where the workflow canvas zoom settings and focus position changed after we preview a step’s results. This was fixed in v2.2.6 and we should now be able to land at the same point in the workflow after previewing a step’s results.
  • Ok - thanks @Pavan Rao . We are on 2.2.3 so need to upgrade.

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