Grouping with TOTALS row?

James Sidebotham
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I have a grouping of data that I have an aggregation of (sum) for various data points (about 60 rows). Could I add a final row that provides a total for each of the aggregation columns (as seen in Excel).



  • FYI, my current workaround is to send the data from the grouping and perform another sum grouping on all of the columns (not the first column of data point. I then perform a union of those two grouped datasets and this gives me what i want. But was hoping for something a bit easier / built-in. thanks

  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator
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    Hi James

    You are correct, a Group then Union is how I would achieve this:

    1. Group
    2. Delete default 'Count' aggregate and add a new aggregate
    3. Select 'Multiple' and set Name to blank
    4. Select all (numeric) columns
    5. set Aggregate to Sum and apply

    —> Then Union this with the existing data

    Optional, but depending on what you are doing with these totals, you could format / style the totals rows using a Transform before the Union. Example comma separating these likely large numbers and coloring the totals row to make it stand out:

    _RegexReplace(value, '(?:^|\G)(\d{1,3})(?=(\d{3})+(?:.\d+)?$)', '$1,', false),

  • I wish the cell style would persist when exporting to Excel - would be nice to keep the colours.