Experian Data Studio Job Stuck.


One of the experian data studio job is stuck for 23h on our dev server, we have tried to cancel it but it won't stop. Is there another way to stop the job without restarting the service, as we don't want to interrupt other jobs and schedules running in parallel on the Monday morning.

if there is a way to **** the long running stuck job please advise.

@Henry Simms , your comments on this would be helpful.


Hussain Syed.

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  • Ian HaydenIan Hayden Administrator
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    Hi Hussain,

    I don't think there is a way to kill that job other than by (as you say) restarting the server.

    However it is concerning that the job would get into this state in the first place (assuming no drastic increases in input dataset size), so it might be worth raising it with support so they can investigate why this might have happened.



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