Remove rows that have null value?

I'm creating a dataset from a snapshot and I would like to remove rows that have null value on a specific column. Any suggestions?


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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
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    There is a Function call 'IsNull' that you should select from the list of default functions

    1. select the column you are filtering, such as Email
    2. click 'Is' (next to Null) so that it changes to 'Not'
    3. [Optional] 'Preview' to confirm true is being returned for most rows and false for the null rows
    4. Apply

    Regarding the If then else Function, if you want to use it in future, it always goes at the end/right of whatever you are building, example function from the function library

  • Marco_13112001Marco_13112001 Super Learner
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    Thanks, it makes more sense now.


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Marco

    Would adding a Filter step before the Snapshot step work to filter out the unwanted rows before they are written?

  • Marco_13112001Marco_13112001 Super Learner

    Hi Josh,

    That's was my idea as well. However, when adding the filter step I'm not sure what should be the next step i.e. an IF-ELSE function o something else. I've tried the IF-ELSE but could not make it work.

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