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In Aperture , when we use a join function just after a filter , we get error message whern we clic on show step result of the Join step: Index: 2, Size:2.

When we remove the filter it works very well.

Thank you in advance.

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  • SlimaniSlimani Super Learner

    Want to add that behaviour does not happen all time, but in specific wf.

    I don't know why

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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
    edited June 2021

    To clarify, your workflow contains a Filter step followed by a Join step. Clicking Show step results on the Join step returns an error message. What is the error message?

    If you remove the Filter step it works correctly and a similar Filter to Join set up in other workflows works correctly.

  • SlimaniSlimani Super Learner

    Thank you Josh for your reactivity

    You are right

    The message says:  Index: 2, Size:2

    I have seen this issu only with this specific wf, because I create a simple wf with a very small data set (filter + join) , and it work

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