Number of columns in a dataset or a view


How do we know the number of columns in a dataset (or a view) when we are in a workflow ?

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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Ali

    If you are in the Workflow then click on 'Show step results' on any step and it shows the column (and row) count in bottom left corner.

    To calculate a count of the number of columns in a Workflow, a Profile and Group is one option:

    Where the Group is doing the default 'Count' action

  • SlimaniSlimani Contributor

    Hi Josh,

    Once again thanks for your reactivity.

    My use case is to identify automatically the number of columns in a view that I don't manage. SO the view's manager can change his structure.

    The issue with this solution is that we need to do manual action in the profile. So if in the next execution of the workflow I will have 3 more clumns in my view, they will not be taken into account in the profile step

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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Maybe someone else can think of a solution, but what is the use case? Why do you need to calculate the number of columns?


  • SlimaniSlimani Contributor

    I need to compare the column number of a view with the expected column number. Be cause I can not identify the case when I have more columns as expected.

    In my solution I use profile step, this function uses a predefined columns, but if I get more columns that expected, my profile step will not be updated automatically and still deals with the old columns and not with the new

    I hope that I've answered your question

    Best regards

    Best regards

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Thanks for the response. We have an improvement to Profile that I think would help here and I have added your 'vote' to increase the priority.

    Another option might be to write a Custom step to count columns, it could potentially do something else in addition more specific to your use case

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