Sending email to stakeholders through Data Studio Dynamically


We want to send the email notification to the users who are creating issues example creating duplicates. we have a list of the xx column on which duplicate has been created by Y number of people. Now we want to send this to Y number of people, which is not a fixed list. How can we do that dynamically. Is there a way to do that in Aperture?

I had created one event


In the WF I am calling that Event

Also a Notification where calling that Event

But here in the Blue marked field is not supporting where I have the List of the email Ids which is assigned to the Custom Event Parameter from the WF

The closet to the requirement I am reaching via Issue List where People can come and see the listed issues, bit again there is no email notification involved


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi, this is not yet possible, but I have added your 'vote' to the request as it is something we would like to support in future.

  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks! And please add my "vote" there, too. :) We were thinking that we might even have requested this possibility already earlier (?) but in any case, it would be important to get that so that there would not be a need to hard code and update the e-mail addresses to the notification e-mails manually.

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    @Mahulima @KatriM this functionality was added in v2.10.9

  • MahulimaMahulima Contributor

    @Josh Boxer What I tested is I can add Multiple email values in my WF parameter and that WF Parameter which has hardcoded multiple values I can pass to the Fire Event which will send Email notification to those Multiple users which I have given as Harcoded value in the WF Parameter

    But My Need was I have list of the email coming in a column (which can change everytime I run the WF) in my WF and I want to assign that value in the Fire Event which I did, but then email is only coming to the 1 st user in the email list.

    In the Pic below NEW EMAIl has the List of the email where I want to send emails but its a column and Value present in Multiple rows

  • MahulimaMahulima Contributor

    There is another way of doing I found that if I have all the list of the values in one row instead of multiple rows in one column. But I did not found any easy way to convert one 1 column multiple rows to one single column and and single row with concatenated values as email1;email2;email3… in one row

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Group step can aggregate into one

  • MahulimaMahulima Contributor

    I have different values in different rows of one column.

    Ideally Dynamic email notification could be better if it can read the values in different rows in one column and trigger notification to all of them

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