is it ok to delete the default environment

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for a cleaner login experience for users, if we are never going to use the default environment, is it ok to delete the default environment? Thanks.

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  • Josh Boxer
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    Once you type ' Default' (or the name of the Environment), click on the dialogue outside of the text box and as long as the value matches the Yes option will be enabled:


  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator
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    Yes an environment can be deleted, inc default, (by an Admin as long as you they are not in it). Having one environment will result in the dropdown on login page no longer being shown:

    The Super Admin account ("We do not recommend using it for normal day to day activity") "can manage and access all Environments, so the 'Manage Environments' screen will always be shown when logging in as this user"

  • I try to delete, logged on as internal administrator, I get the dialoge "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this Environment? This can't be undone", then it has a text box with a label: "Enter the name fo the Environment to continue:"

    with a Yes and No button below, and the Yes button is lowlighted disabled. Only the No button link is active.

    I enter "Default" and still I cannot enter "Yes" to delete it.

    The internal administrator account should have all the necessary rights, correct?

    I have verified that I am not logged into the default environment, but rather, the named environment we will be using.

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