API to Get Scheduled Jobs Information

Mahulima Contributor
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There is One API to get the information about the scheduled Datasets. But in that we have to Pass the Space Names to get the info and Response is specific to that Space Alone. Is there any API where we can get the Scheduled Dataset Information across all the available spaces?

I am using below API but it gives response for One Specific SPACE

Also Is there a way to Automate the Process of consuming the API Response? for now I am going Manually to Swagger and downloading the response and then processing the response in Aperture as a Dataset and Aperture is able to consume :JSON response but want to check if we can automate this process



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Mahulima

    Pretty sure it will return jobs across all Spaces as the Jobs page does in UI.

    There is a note regarding tenancy id on the Swagger page:

    "Note that many operations have a {tenancyId} parameter, which must be supplied but currently has no impact (it is included so we can ensure backwards compatibility in the future). We recommend that integrators use “default” for this parameter."

  • Mahulima
    Mahulima Contributor

    Thank you @Josh Boxer with default I am getting Job details for all SPACES, but its giving only the WF Name, is there a way to get the Source/Dataset Name which is getting refreshed in the WF?

    With the JOB API we are getting the data in 2 datasets 1 is Jobs and 2nd one is Stepdetails, in stepdetails we have the Source info is there a way to Join These 2, Joining with DatastudioLink is not giving correct result