Converting the Numbers in the stats to the Nordic Number Format

Mahulima Contributor
edited December 2023 in General

We have this chart, where in the Vertical we have some numbers which are in format N,NNN we want to convert that to N NNN is that possible in any way?

In Stats also we have the Number like Below in Current but we want in Required Format


  • Li He
    Li He Experian Employee

    Hi Mahulima,

    I have found there is a community function called Comma Separate Number that can do almost just that.

    Comma Separate Number - 'Inserts a comma separator every three digits so 99999.99 becomes 99,999.99'

    Then 'Replace' the commas with spaces.

    If the function above is not available/ showing up, you can recreate it using 'Regular expression replace' with the following expressions:

    Search value: (?:^|\G)(\d{1,3})(?=(\d{3})+(?:\.\d+)?$)

    Replacement value: $1,

    Hope that helps

  • Mahulima
    Mahulima Contributor

    @Li He Thank You so much its working with the regex way.