Java pid hprof crash files.

Facing the issue in our dev server for Aperture Data Studio and Find Duplicates.

In log I have found this at the same timestamp when I got the crash file in installation dir.

2022-12-14 05:20:12,255 ERROR c.e.m.a.MatchInstance [pool-157-thread-1] An unexpected error occurred when running Find Duplicates step against duplicate store 1918296f-8bed-4201-8a45-95b18d03bcf1. Software caused connection abort: recv failed

and later down few lines in log I have this.

2022-12-14 05:52:29,490 WARN i.m.c.i.p.PushMeterRegistry [logging-metrics-publisher] Unexpected exception thrown while publishing metrics for LoggingMeterRegistry

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

' 1918296f-8bed-4201-8a45-95b18d03bcf1' where do I find this UID for duplicate store to know that this particular workflow is causing this issue every day, As I see everyday 30 GB java crash file, and service is not running anymore.

@Henry Simms @Ian Buckle @Josh Boxer

Kindly help.


Hussain Syed


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