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Hello dear community,

Is it possible to export (the result of a workflow) in different folders or sub-folders, in other words, workflows of the same space exporting in differents folders or sub folders

Because today (my version is 2.8.8) allows my to export only in my space export folder:



Thank you in advance

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  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator
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    Hi @Slimani

    While it is possible to change the location of the server's export directory (eg to a network drive), only a single location can be defined, with environments & spaces represented by a directory structure as you describe.

    Files can alternatively be exported to SFTP locations, or to file storage in Azure (ADLS Gen2), AWS S3 or HDFS.

    I do know of at least one Data Studio user who has set up automation to move files that appear in the various subfolders of the server export dir to different locations, but this isn't done with Data Studio.


  • Danny Roden
    Danny Roden Administrator
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    Hi @Slimani,

    Just wanted to follow-up on this thread as this is now possible with Data Studio (from version 2.12.11 onwards) where the subfolder can be defined within the export step:

    Further to the above, workflow parameters can also be used within this to specify the subfolder name:

    This results in the subfolder being generated (if not already there) and the export going to the appropriate place:

    And this also works with SFTP locations too, e.g. S3 buckets.