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Nigel Light
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Are there any plans to create any more 'how-to' video clips? And if so, can these be stored in a separate section in the Community Site. I have found the ones created in Resources but with the product being developed it would be great if some of these could be updated with the new product features.

I also recall seeing some, perhaps on LinkedIN, that don't seem to be on here? - any pointers to find these please?@Danny Roden




  • Danny Roden
    Danny Roden Administrator
    Any particular sorts of topics in particular @"Nigel Light" ? We’re currently working on a series of eLearning tutorials and another set of product demo videos.

    Is your request for the purposes of learning more about the product? Answering a ‘I’ve got stuck’ question? For helping other users in the business learn about Aperture Data Studio? Or something else?

    Either way keen to hear more about this ask/idea
  • Hi

    Thanks for getting back to me. We have a couple of new starters who will need to use the product though we don't want to arrange any formal training yet as we have more who are likely to join us in the New Year. So, in the meantime, it is anything from a general Introduction to Aperture (which would also be useful background information eg to the BAs, PMs etc) to Getting Data In (including setting up connections), Profiling and Exploring, Transformations and other manipulations (Joins, Filters etc), Building Rules and Reporting (including dashboards). Anything on the new functionality, such as Issue Management, would also be instructive.

    I hope that covers it!


  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    There are some existing videos here and we will try to add

  • Thanks @Josh Boxer

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