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James Bate
James Bate Experian Employee
edited December 2023 in Tips and tricks

Since v2.8 Aperture Data Studio has had a command palette that makes shortcuts and access to frequent actions more discoverable and accessible.

Simply press CTRL + SHIFT + P from anywhere in the application to open the Quick Actions menu (and use the same shortcut or Esc to close the menu).

The list of actions shown is contextual depending on where you are in the application and this list will update as you begin typing. For example, when editing a Workflow, you can type “add filter step” to automatically add a Filter step on your current Workflow.

After selecting a high-level action like ‘Edit Workflow’, the list will then contain the Workflows for you to select the one you are looking to edit.

What actions are available?

·        Go to <object> - allows quick navigation to areas of the product (without the need to grab your mouse or tab through a long list)

·        Open <name> – use from a list of, say <Views>, to select one to open

·        Open Workflow – a shortcut to enable you to open the Workflow (in read mode)

·        Edit Workflow – a shortcut to enable you to jump directly into editing a Workflow   

·        Add <Workflow step> – adds a new step to the Workflow

·        Rename selected step – pops up a rename box for the currently selected Workflow step

·        Switch Space – a shortcut to enable you to quickly jump into another Space

·        View user documentation – quickly open the documentation from anywhere in the product      


We want to hear from you

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