Copying transformations

Josh made some comment in the User Group the other day that it was now possible to copy and paste logic and I was most interested in how this was done.

I have a massive transformation to process addresses in the HR data that I am working with and now would dearly like to use that as the starting point for similar work on another part of the database. Obviously having got it to work on the HR stuff I really don't want to fiddle with that so I would like just to copy it across to another workflow and work on it independently.

Many thanks,



  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Charles

    There are a few different ways to copy.

    1. clone the Workflow in the same Space and edit the new version
    2. select one or more Workflow steps, then copy and paste the steps into the same Workflow or another Workflow in the same Space or another Space
    3. export Workflow as a .dmx and import in somewhere else
    4. (coming) Function script editor will be available in version 2.9 allowing you to paste Functions and Validation rules

    I think #2 copy paste is what you are looking for in this instance:

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    One other thing that might be useful. If you have created a Function within a Workflow step such as Transform and want to use it in multiple places, rather than recreating it, you can make the Function Re-usable:

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