Can we schedule Reporting Jobs from Aperture?

Mahulima Member
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Is this possible to trigger the Jobs in Reporting from Aperture


Power BI


Ex. after a successful run of Aperture WF need to trigger the Report in Power BI, that dependency can be created through aperture schedule?


  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Mahulima

    You might need to provide some additional information on your current set up. 'triggering a report' does this mean a report refresh or something else?

    Assuming the Data Studio Workflow is either writing to Snapshot that is shared with Power BI using OData or exporting to database/CSV that is connected to Power BI. I know it is possible to set Power BI to refresh data every few hours, so the report would remain up to date.

    You could also set the Workflow to Fire an event that would then automate an email telling a person or system that the data had been successfully updated.

    Hopefully someone else is more familiar with these tools and might be able to suggest something, maybe an API integration??

  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Maybe the email could trigger a Flow (now called Power Automate)

  • Hi @Josh Boxer

    Thank you for your repsones!

    I am writing a snapshot at the end of my wf and checking some data load is done in the warehouse tables are not, this checking I am doing with Aperture WF, then if the Data Load is succesfully done in the Warehouse tables which i checked in Aperture WF then only I want to trigger the Reporting Jobs which are available in Qlikview and Power BI, as we dont have any common scheduler creating te dependency between the Jobs in Warehouse and Reporting was not possible, so can this be done through aperture? where I can check if my warehouse tables are updated then only I will allow the reporting jobs to be triggered

  • Hi @Mahulima . How would the Qlikview and Power BI jobs be triggered, is it a REST API call or similar? I've used simple custom steps ( in Data Studio workflows in the past to trigger follow-on processes like Azure Data Factory pipelines when certain conditions are met.

    Custom steps could either call scripts, or make API calls directly, and we do have some pre-built custom steps for these sorts of tasks

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