Why can't I select a file from an SFTP server

Charles Thomas
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I am trying to Add Dataset from an SFTP server and can see a list of 29 files. I am at the Select Table stage. I select an xls file and click on the "Next: Define Settings" but while the button greys for a second or two, I come back to the same Select Table screen

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  • Charles Thomas
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    Dangers of trying to use a new feature for the first time and of doing a data migration! It was nothing to do with the SFTP source, it was that the file, generated by the source system was in a very ancient version (v5 / Office (%) of Excel that is not supported by Aperture. The error details were in the log but were not all that intelligible but trying to load the file directly highlighted the problem.

    Many thanks for answers.


  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Charles

    Not heard of this previously and not entirely sure what the issue is. Would be good to understand if the issue is the FTP folder (maybe permissions?) or the file?

    Have you used this External system successfully previously for a different file and Dataset?

    Are you able to select one of the other files and proceed to the next stage?

    Can you use the 'Upload file' option to see if it is possible to proceed with this file?

    Is there something non-standard about this file? It was generated in Excel? Contains a 'normal' amount of rows/column/worksheets?

  • Ian Hayden
    Ian Hayden Experian Super Contributor

    Hi Charles,

    Just to add to Josh's comment, it's likely that something relevant to this has been logged in the the server log, so it's worth looking in there.

    Please feel free to forward me the details (or the log file itself) so I can take a closer look.