Datasets not refreshing automatically

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We built an integrated set of schedules and workflows that allows data from existent datasets to be refreshed on a daily basis. However, the refresh only happens if it is done manually per dataset. It was noticed when the dataset A (OBJALG as per screenshot) was refreshed, the number of records should have increased from 8611 to 8620, but that did not happen, it kept the original number (8611).

The auto refresh option is turned on in both dataset and workflow (see screenshots below)

workflow A -

dataset A -

The process is as follows -

Schedule A runs daily @ 6AM which triggers the workflow A, and the expectation is that the data within dataset A will be refreshed. The external source system is a SQL database and the connection seems to be working fine.

Are there any other steps required to make this process work?

Many thanks in anticipation

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