Does Aperture have the "treat leading zeros as alphanumeric" option that Pandora had

Charles Thomas
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One a a global setting that instructed Pandora to treat any input field with leading zeros as alphanumeric so that the leading zeros were preserved. While I can see that one can set a field which has can have leading zeros as alphanumeric, this seems to require an analysis of the data to know that it has leading zeros - one knows about bank sort codes, bank account numbers, telephone numbers but there are often others lurking and an the global function was most useful.

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  • Akshay Davis
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    There is no global setting for treating any column of data with a leading 0 as alphanumeric, you can set a file loaded to treat every column as alphanumeric on load. This avoids losing leading zeros if they're significant.

    You will have to convert dates to a date type before using and date comparison functions however. This can be done within a transformation if required.