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George Brown
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Forgive me if this question is easy to answer; still getting up to speed after implementing Aperture Data Studio earlier this year.

So I have some rather large datasets that come from our data warehouse. There are different use cases that require reading data from these and writing to someplace (JDBC database, Snapshot, etc.).

For one of the use cases, I created a new space, and built a workflow that writes an output to a JDBC database. Everything has been running fine over the last 6 weeks or so.

We now have a new use case that requires the ability to read some of the same datasets, but write out to a snapshot. I've created a separate space for this new use case before realizing that you cannot share datasets between spaces (or can you?).

While I understand I can export the dataset definition from one space to another (and even the data), I'm somewhat reluctant to do so on large tables (one in question is 600m). Is there a way to read from one workspace, and write out to another?

btw, I'm running version

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.


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  • Henry Simms
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    Hi @George Brown , thanks for the question.

    Datasets are restricted to a Space as you say, but data can easily shared between Spaces via Views. A View in Data Studio is just like a database view - the result set of a query on a set of data without needing to load or store any additional data on disk. Views also allow access to data to be controlled in a granular way.

    There are two steps to sharing a View:

    1. When you create and save the View (in the same Space as your existing Dataset) , edit the View's Sharing Options to share to the relevant Space(s)
    2. In the new Space, where you want to do the Export, select Include from another Space in the View list to bring in the View. this will make it available in the Source step in workflows.



  • George Brown

    @Henry Simms , thanks for the information! At first I was concerned that the Sharing Options was greyed out, but then realized I hadn't published the view yet. It works great now!