My data consumers are unable to download as CSV.

Within Role Permissions the Data Consumer Role is a tick next to 'Download data' and 'View Datasets' However when the Data consume access a report via a dashboard the 'Download as CSV' button is not there.

The data consumer profile has 'Admin' privileges in the space that has the workflow with the Report step

Thank you in advance.


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    I appreciate your help

    It turns out it was not a privilege problem! The issue I experienced related to how multiple reports are shown in the Aperture web page.

    Once I knew I had to expand the report (4 arrows in the black bar to the right), the user could see the download button

    The issue is now closed.

    Thanks once again


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
    edited August 3

    Hi Rob

    There is a permission 'Download Data as a CSV' which would enable that option for any user including a Consumer user:

    Can you confirm that is the permission you have selected for the role and if yes then what version you are running?

    Consumer users will not be able to view Datasets, but can explore the data shared with them in Dashboards and Reports

  • Hi Josh, and thanks for getting back to me.

    We are running version

    Below is a screenshot of the permission we have set up; I cannot see a permission named 'Download data as a CSV'. The nearest I can see is 'Download data', assuming I am looking in the correct place.

    I hope that helps, and thanks again

  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Rob

    Yes, 'Download Data' is the correct capability (I was looking at an older version).

    I set up a 'Data Consumer' role with 'Download Data' and 'View Issue lists' selected. (It does not make sense to give them any other permissions/capabilities as they will not be able to access them without 'Access Designer Interface').

    Logging in as a consumer user, expanding a data widget or opening a Report and expanding a data table both do give the option to download CSV:

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