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We are working on the plan for integrating an application and Aperture. The latest was that a dropzone was going to be set up where we could store all the relevant files, which Aperture could then pick up. However, we have some questions around Aperture dropzones .

Given the sensitive nature of this data, we need to determine whether the use of dropzones will add or remove risk for us. So, would be possible to help us to understand the following:

  1. Can a dropzone be setup prior the upload of the dataset?
  2. If we set up a dropzone, we understand that a server folder will be created on the same server where the Aperture instance is located. To avoid permission issues, would be possible to have the dropzone in a different location i.e., another server? who can modify the dropzone location?
  3. If a file is uploaded to a dropzone, how long will it be there before being deleted? is there a setting in Aperture to enable automatic deletion from a dropzone of a processed dataset?

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