Extract First Word 🥇📝

Fatme Kungyova
Fatme Kungyova Experian Employee
edited December 2023 in Functions library

This function extracts the first word in a string, in which all words are separated by space. The function returns the first word, regardless of if the string starts with space.

If the string contains of only one word, it returns the word as it is received in the input.

The function can handle space before the word. If in the input there is a single word, which has a space in front, the space will be removed!

How to use the function?

You can use the function in a Transform step, giving the column or value you require as a parameter. The output is a string!

Find the attached DMX file, which can be imported into Data Studio!

What does the function contain?

These are examples of how the function work and the output that would be expected!



This function is compatible with all instances of Data Studio from v2.6.3 onwards.