Replace the word ‘NULL’ or any non-null space values with null 🔄👻

Fatme Kungyova
Fatme Kungyova Experian Employee
edited December 2023 in Functions library

This function replaces the word ‘Null’ (case insensitive) with a null value. For example, if the value of a column has been visible and people can read the word ‘Null’, once it is replaced this column will have an empty value. Moreover, if there are any empty values, which however are not read by Aperture Data Studio as null values, it replaces these will null value too.

How to use the function?

Import the dmx file into your desired space. The function will then appear in the ‘Functions’ section of Aperture. Then you can use it inside a transform step.

What does the function contain?

The function contains of few steps, which check if a value is alphanumeric and is equal to the string ‘Null’.

Otherwise, it will remove any white space!


This function is compatible with all instances of Data Studio from v2.6.3 onwards.