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When comparing QAS Batch with Aperture Validate Addresses to enhance data, I notice that Aperture is returning far fewer business names and phone numbers than Batch, the address matching and enhancements are similar. 

In batch I reference “UK with Business” as an additional dataset, in Aperture I am selecting GBR Business as additional data. 

It looks like maybe Aperture is not outputting business data, does anyone know how I can check this please?

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  • Great thanks Josh

    In batch I do map the company name field to Organisation type. I'm running Aperture 2.6.9 so I will download 2.8 and run the workflow again with the new mapping and test results. I will feedback here.

  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Experian Super Contributor

    Hi @Luke

    I've compared GBR Business matching between QAS Batch and Data Studio's Validate Addresses step and I'm seeing the same matching. Under the hood, Data Studio uses an integration of the Batch API, so that's definitely what you'd expect.

    In your case there's a few things that I can think of that might be going wrong:

    1. Mapping "Company" in the Validate Address step input (as mentioned above). You don't need to do this - If you just map the Organisation / Business name field in your input as another "Address" column you should get plenty of business matches. The only circumstance where mapping the specific Company address element to a line in the input address may improve matching is where you know that that line in your input always contains the same type of address element. So if your input line 1 sometimes contains address info as well as company name info, by mapping "Company" you may actually be losing matches.
    2. Make sure all other columns containing address information are mapped in the Validate Addresses step. Any missing address data could reduce the match quality.
    3. Check that you are using the latest vintage of the QAS GBR reference data (or the same vintage in both Batch and Data Studio). You can see the ref data vintage in Data Studio using "About Aperture Data Studio" --> "Show detailed license info" and checking the "Validate addresses datasets" table
    4. The input layout isn't showing correct elements. If you're using a customised output layout it's possible that not all elements are being displayed. Switching to one of the default layouts should help: Additional business name and business telephone columns should appear after the usual output columns.

    As Josh says, if you're still not seeing expected matches, passing the workflow and Batch config files used by Data Studio (qawserve.ini & qaworld.ini from C:\ProgramData\Experian\addressValidate\runtime\tmp) to Support should help us to diagnose the problem.


  • Thanks Henry

    Using the new Company mapping significantly improved company name enhancement, this is may be because I only have two mapped fields, one is all company names, and the other is comma separated addresses.

    Looking at the remaining records that have company name from Batch but not from Aperture, I notice the match codes from Aperture are mostly P matches whilst Batch matches are mostly R matches However I need to investigate this further as I didn't output match codes with the company names in the latest batch run, so the batch match codes are from late last year when the batch was initially run. (sorry that's a bit confusing and messy)

    An example of a match code with a company name from batch is "R513500A0020:GBR", while Aperture has returned "P913100040240000000000000000"

    I have been trying to run the batch again and output match codes, but so far batch is crashing towards the end of the process, I will feedback here when I can output the batch match codes with batch.

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