Importing data form a cloud-based MDM solution

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We need to import data into Aperture Data Studio from Boomi’s Master Data Hub module. As a cloud-based MDM solution, Boomi does not allow direct access to their databases. Therefore, we would ideally want to develop an integration using web services in one of two ways:

  1. Aperture is configured to import data via Boomi’s REST API, which facilitates external systems accessing Boomi’s Master Data Hub records. Data is presented to the external system as JSON.
  2. An automated process is created that will push data from Boomi to an endpoint within Aperture’s REST API. The data will be passed as part of the request message, populating the Aperture dataset directly.

After reviewing Aperture’s REST API documentation, we can see that there are endpoints that allow for the management of datasets. However, it does not seem possible for data to be uploaded directly using the existing API. Can anybody provide information that would assist in making one of the two above scenarios a reality?

We are aware of the option for creating a process to export Boomi data into a file, saving it to a directory and importing that file into Aperture. However, due to architectural and data governance restrictions, we are hoping to avoid this option. Any advice that can be given will be greatly appreciated.

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