Huge HPROF file in installation folder.

HussainSyed Member
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What is an HPROF file and what is it doing in my ADS installation folder.

C:\Program Files\Experian\Aperture Data Studio 2.7.3

It is 35 GB. I believe it is junk and is a result of an error.

@Henry Simms please comment .

would it be OK to delete it or would it affect my server installation in anyway.

I have deleted previously generated MDMP files with pid_hs_err files.

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  • HussainSyed

    @Henry Simms , I have already created the tkt for mdmp dump files and experian support are yet to comeback on this.

    Unluckily I have noticed this a bit late, but I can open another ticket for this.

    Thank you for response.

  • HussainSyed

    I have removed the file from installation folder.

    Do I need to shared the hprof error file as well with experian support?

  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator

    @HussainSyed I think it's unlikely that support will ask for the full memory dump.