Filtering within a validation rule

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I have the following scenario for a validation rule and I'm struggling with the logic.

Column A has X, Y, Z as values and column C has 1,2, 3 as values. So, my validation rule is "IS NULL" against column A, however I want it to return only when column C is equal to "2".

Also, I need to build the above rule within a validate step in a workflow.

Is that possible?

Many thanks in anticipation

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  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator
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    Like this:

    The Function would contain 'Is Null' with Column A selected and 'Equals' 2 with Column C selected joined by an And as you want them both to be true

    You can since version 2.7.6 return Ignore instead of True / False if that is what you are trying to achieve to not include these rows in the Pass rate