How to export line breaks?

Dear All!

In the workflow I'm running I have loaded a dataset (from excel) containing line breaks. During the worklow I'm transforming the data, but when exporting in .xlsx I'm receiving "\n" instead of the line breaks.

Is there a way to have line breaks in the export file instead of "\n"?

Many thanks for your help!


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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
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    Hi Vera

    I have not run into this myself, it sounds like the data in the cell is formatted as: Line1\nLine2\nLine3 or Line1\n\nLine2\n\nLine3

    The easiest thing I can think of for now is to fix it in Excel

    1. select the column
    2. Ctrl+H (find and replace)
    3. Find \n and in Replace Ctrl+J

    Is this something you are running into often and is the exported file being looked at by multiple people before it can be fixed or it causing some other problems?

    It is something we can look to improve in future so the the line breaks are there is the export


  • Hi Josh!

    Thanks for answering - yes, we know the way how to fix it in excel although we would like to avoid these manual steps if possible.

    While opening the file in excel there is a pop-up with a warning that there is an issue with the file, and excel is repairing it and we get a message "Repaired Records: String properties from /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part"

    We also would like to avoid that happening so that we do not have to explain to the end-user that this is a "normal" error and how to fix it.

    We've also tried to fix it in Aperture with regular expression replace (replace \n with a simple space), but that is also not working...

    It would be really great if you could improve the export function!

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