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Vera O
Vera O Member
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Hi All! 

Is there a way to set an (e-mail) notification in case a workflow has been stuck? Meaning it has not been completed after a certain period of time.

I know we have a notification for failed workflows, but can not find anything for scenario "started, but not completed."



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  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator
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    Hi Vera

    Interested to know why this workflow is getting stuck, is it the same situation whenever it happens?

    You can add a time limit to Notifications, so if this workflow tends to complete in 60 minutes you could add the event Workflow completed and a time period of 90 minutes with the checkbox Trigger if expired

    @WORKFLOW_COMPLETION_TIME will be replaced with <No data available> if it has not completed

  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor
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    Hi Vera,

    Another alternative i can think of is to create the workflow completed notification as Josh has suggested with the time period but do not trigger it if expired. This would mean that you will only receive the workflow completion email if the workflow completes within 90 minutes.

    Then, on top of that, you can create an additional notification that is triggered upon notification time period expired. This way you may be able to get a clearer indication that something has gone wrong, rather than having to check each workflow completion email to see if there is a completion date/time.

  • Ian Hayden
    Ian Hayden Experian Super Contributor
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    Hi Vera,

    If the server is not responding (by which I'm assuming the Data Studio server, not the hosting Windows machine) there is a good chance it will not send any notifications at all.

    If this is the case, you should definitely contact support as they might be able to help resolve why the server has become unresponsive.




  • Vera O
    Vera O Member

    Hi @Josh Boxer and @Sueann See

    in some cases, we have a server issue so the workflow is stuck - workflow is started but never completes, and we need to re-start the server.

    Will your suggested solution work if there is no completion time, just starting time?

    I can set a notification to send an e-mail after a certain period of time when a workflow has been started but that is not showing if the workflow has been completed or not.

    Hope I could explain the issue.

    Thanks for your support!