How to highlight null/empty values

Sueann See
Sueann See Experian Super Contributor
edited December 2023 in Tips and tricks

When performing exploratory data analysis, or presenting data in grids in a dashboard, you may want to highlight null/empty values. Within Aperture, you can build a custom function to do this and apply it to one or more columns in your dataset. Here is an example:

  • Go To Functions, Create new function.
  • Create a parameter for the column value and optionally specify a test dataset and column value to be used for testing.
  • Drag the following functions onto the canvas:
    • The Is then else function in order to apply the "highlight" when there is null or empty value detected.
    • The Warning message function, in order to achieve the "highlight" effect.
    • The Is Null function, where you can include 2 checks, Is Null or Is Empty.

  • Assuming you want to create a View with all the null/empty values highlighted, go to Datasets, click on a Dataset name, Explore, Transform.
  • At the Transformation screen, select all the columns in the dataset, select Existing column, select your custom function.
  • When you click Apply transformation, this will apply your custom function on all the existing columns in the dataset, highlighting all the null/empty values. You can then save this as a View.
  • The View can be applied to a dashboard.