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Dom Gittins
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We have 50 service desks placing orders for customers around the country.

We want to monitor those orders for data quality errors and notify the desk leaders of any fails which occur on an hourly basis during the working day.

Currently each notification email address has to be typed in manually, so even though the desk leaders' emails are in the data - I cannot use them and have to manually maintain the notifications.

Is it possible for a workflow to trigger an 'on fail' event and pass email address data to the notification so that I always use the current and correct email address and do not have to manually maintain them separately from the data ?

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  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor

    I'm afraid what you want is not yet possible.

    Starting v2.7.4, you can already pass values from your data as parameter values for the Fire Event step that can be used in your email body. However, we still do not support setting email recipients using parameters.

    I will create a new feature request based on the problem you've described. However, we will have to assess the priority so i cannot tell you when it will be implemented yet.

  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor

    @Mahulima wondering if this feature would be useful for you too?

  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor
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    @Dom Gittins

    Can i confirm that you actually have 50 desk leaders as well? So without this feature, you'll have to create 50 Notifications (with the similar content but different recipients)?

    Can you share an example of the columns you have in your data, for example, are you assigning specific rule failures to a specific email address?

  • Yes that's right. I have the contact details of the desk leaders / desk in my database. Without this feature I have extended build time (creating 50 notifications), over-complexity and an ongoing manual maintenance issue.

    I want to be able to build a single workflow to look across all desks' data, spot an issue (let's say missing contact details) and then split the fails data by Desk ID and send each desk's fail list to the relevant desk leader.

  • KatriM
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    @Sueann See Yes, this feature would be useful for us as well.

  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor

    @Dom Gittins i understand my colleague @Josh Boxer has reached out to you on using the Issue Lists feature to track and assign issues instead of relying on email notifications. Let us know how it goes.