Low Disk Space Notifications and others.

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Hi team,

this is to ask you if I create a low disk space notification on aperture data studio system settings.

Will it notify me the diskspace of the experian match store drive or the installation drive.

Second question that I have is in case of an abrupt stop or restart of my experian data studio and find duplicates services, can I create an email notification or some other notification to give me alerts so that I can fix it before user opens tickets for me.

@Henry Simms

Kindly help.




  • Sueann See
    Sueann See Experian Super Contributor


    1. The low disk space notification checks for disk space in the Aperture data directory: %ROOT%/data. In other words, it is not checking your separate machine installed with Find Duplicates.
    2. There are no existing notifications that handles abrupt stop/restart currently. We do not anticipate this to be something normal in the course of operations. Can you confirm you have logged an issue on this?

  • @Sueann See ,

    I have opened a ticket with experian support and shared log files to find the cause of this abrupt shutdown and restart of services, last week we also had to reboot the server for the same reason, when aperture database server was unable to restart.

    @Bairavy Rajahn is I believe looking into this. log files shared using FTP. and also java crash logs also shared.