We need your feedback on Find Duplicates

Sueann SeeSueann See Administrator
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Hi all,

We are evaluating the paths to a better Find Duplicates rule building experience. We understand that there are many different perspectives on this topic, but ultimately, we really want to build something with the customer's journey in mind.

We think customers would appreciate the improvements specifically in the following order:

  1. Provide library of pre-built reusable rulesets, both simple and complex rules to cover most common scenarios.
  2. Allow pre-built rulesets to be customized with a UI within Data Studio to remove/add columns and criteria.
  3. Allow creation of simple custom rulesets from scratch with a UI within Data Studio that provides guided options.
  4. Provide ability to compare outcome of various rulesets, both prebuilt and custom.

We would like to hear if this would resonate with what customers have in mind before we proceed with any actual development.

Please respond to this thread, send us a private message with this community portal or contact us via email ([email protected])

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