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Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

Aperture Data Studio has a Validate workflow step that allows you to define rules of how data in specific columns should be populated. This information can then be used to be alerted to any data quality problems or to track data quality improvements over time.

These rules can be simple:

  • should not be null
  • should be a number
  • should be a string in a specific format
  • should match from a list of value
  • etc.

They can also be more complex using Functions to say transform values before being validated or use either/or options where multiple different values are acceptable. As long at the Function returns a True/False value at the end it can be used for Validation.

The easiest way to get started with Validation is to use Suggest validation rules


  1. Open a Dataset or View and click Explore
  2. Click Profile, select the columns you want to profile and create validation rules for then Apply
  3. Click the Suggest validation rules button
  1. Specify the Pass at and Fail below percentages (this can also be edited later in the Validate step)
  2. Review the rules that have been suggested for each column
  3. Unselect any rules that are not useful and click Apply

  1. On the Validate step that has been created, click Rules to see what has been created
  2. Note that the rules are grouped by column (making it easy to disable or delete any rules no longer required)
  3. Add rule or edit rule will open the Function editor allowing any changes to be made

Finally, your complex Functions written specifically for your data can be added to improve future Suggest validation rules . Any Function returning a True/False value can be updated on the details page to be suggested when relevant:

Feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback on this functionality

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