Single Customer View (SCV) user research interview invitation

Sueann SeeSueann See Administrator
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Hi all,

At Experian we are always looking to improve our technology and processes to give you the best customer experience possible. 

The Single Customer View (SCV) use case is one of the key focus areas for our Product Team, and we need your help.

We would like to understand the jobs that need to be completed by different roles in your organization and that would benefit from SCV i.e. a consolidated view of your data across all your data sources.

By understanding these jobs, we can discover the areas for improvement in Aperture Data Studio and develop the most impactful tools to empower you to complete these jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I would be grateful if you could support us with this research study and let me know of your availability for a short 45 minutes call.

Leave a comment here and I will reach out to you privately.

You can also reach out to the product team here if you prefer to connect directly via email.

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