XML files


I'm trying to read selected fields from an XML file pulling out, for example, text between the <email>.........<email> indicators.

Can Aperture do this? eg by using Substrings, pointers and arrays in some way?



  • Nigel LightNigel Light Contributor

    Hi, Reading through previous posts, I note that this was previously raised in Match 18 when custom parsers were mentioned. Are these available for XML files? Nige

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite
    @"Nigel Light" custom parsers as possible for pretty much any kind of file type but I believe the generic XML parser available through the Professional Services and Service Delivery teams has some limitations.

    I would suggest that you consult with your account manager on the process for getting your hands on it and trying it out. It may or may not suit your needs depending on the file characteristics.
  • Nigel LightNigel Light Contributor

    Thanks @Clinton. I'll try and find the exact business requirements (and whether there is a way to get the data without recourse to .XML).

    Otherwise @Pavan Rao and @Rod Gordon - I'll drop you a line


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