ℹ️  Importing your Datasets into Excel or Tableau using OData

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You can easily get your data from Data Studio into Excel or Tableau using OData.

OData (odata.org) is “an open protocol that allows the consumption of data via a simple and standard RESTful API”. If you choose to turn on OData in Data Studio (v2.2.3), you will be able to link your datasets (including snapshots) to any BI tools like Tableau, Power BI or Excel in minutes.

To use any Data Studio APIs you will need your Username and API key

For added security, there is an OData setting that needs to be enabled in each Space and each Dataset that you wish to use share via API:

Once you have your API key and enabled OData settings you are ready to begin importing your data into your external tool. To do this in either Excel or Power BI:

1.      click Get data (or New Source) and select OData feed as the source type

2.      Enter your OData feed URL: http://{server name}:{port}/odata/{environment}, username and API key for password

3.      Select any Datasource that has been enabled:

4.      Import it into your workbook or Power BI report:


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