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Standardise Gmail addresses [Cleansing]

This function is used to help standardise Gmail addresses for matching purposes. The function creates a normalised version of the input email address to help aid matching processes.

See below for a screenshot showing the logic definition and some sample output results:

As you can see, this function takes into account the 2x different methods users of Google's email service can use to create different email addresses associated to the same account (i.e. the use of dots / full stops before the '@' and also the use of the '+' suffix which some users use for email management).

The function also helps match individuals across the 'Googlemail' and 'Gmail' domains.

For further information on this function please check out @Akshay Davis's original post here (note the screenshots and attachment on the linked page relate to an earlier version of Data Studio).


This function is compatible with all instances of Data Studio from v2.1.11 onwards.


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