Compare Dates (Verbose) 📅📅

Danny Roden
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Compare Dates (Verbose) [Category: Conversion]

This function provides a summary of how 2x input dates compare (and also includes simple 'convert to date' logic to aid the analysis).

Output options are:

  • Exact match
  • Incomplete - Date 1 is missing (or not a date)
  • Incomplete - Date 2 is missing (or not a date)
  • Incomplete - Both dates are missing (or not a date)
  • Close - Day & Month match
  • Close - Month & Year match
  • Close - Day & Year match
  • Other difference

See below for the function definition (not there are several variables defined outside of this preview), as well as some sample results for some test input values (highlighted cells):

If you want to simplify these definitions you can add another function block (specifically a 'split' function configured with hyphen as the split value and '1' for the element to return) after this one to retrieve just the simple summary.


This function is compatible with all instances of Data Studio from v2.1.11 onwards.