PCI Detection 💳 (Payment Card Information)

Danny Roden
Danny Roden Administrator
edited December 2023 in Functions library


The following package is used to detect payment card information (PCI) and whether it is present or not.

Contained within this .dmx package are 2x functions: Contains PCI and Does Not Contain PCI see below for a brief summary of each:

Contains PCI [Category: Validation]

Checks that the input does not contain either a 16-character number (either as a single string or separated with hyphens/spaces every 4 characters) or an AmEx card format (15-character number with typical presentation options).

This function can be used to check that any fields nominated for hosting this type of data do have the right information present:

Does Not Contain PCI [Category: Validation]

There is also a function which does the reverse of this and checks that payment card information is not present in the given input. This is a function which is useful in discovery phases of migrations and also useful for general data quality reporting as it can be used to screen fields for the presence of PCI data.

See below for the definition logic for this function along with sample outputs:


These functions are compatible with all instances of Data Studio from v2.1.11 onwards.